Penney Lane Studios

Dear friend, Thank you for looking at my Ko-Fi page. Anyone who is an artist will tell you that being so doesn't mean that it is like a "normal" job where you receive regular payments for your work. Being an artist can mean very irregular income and sometimes seasonal commisional work. Those are the cons to chosing such a path, however the pros far outweigh them! I LOVE being an artist and creating things that bring such joy to others - there's nothing better than losing myself in my art and then seeing them selling and going to their rightful home. I am merely the creator and steward of my art. Who knows, maybe you will be the next owner of one of my creations! This page has been set up for those who feel led to sow into my art, be it a one-off donation (or "Coffee") or by way of a monthly donation in one of the "Tiers" plans available. Whatever you feel led to gift will be very much appreciated and assist me in being able to continue to create my art and in turn spread joy to others. Thank you for browsing my Ko-Fi page and for your interest in my art. Bless you all. - Linette Penney-Gainham XX

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