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Thanks for subscribing to my humble Patreon. As a new connoisseur of the DAO, I -the author- give you a blessing. One of my pennames is Photosphere and I write Webnovels, my background is humble but my ambitions are not. On this page, you will find advanced chapters for my fanfic stories that I publish on, & I have four tiers: Novel King: Allows you access to 10 advanced chapters in all of my original stories and a Novel King discord role. Novel Emperor: Allows you access to 20 advanced chapters in all of my novels and a [Novel Emperor] role in Discord together with voting power for polls. Novel God: Allows you access to 30 advanced chapters together with a [Novel God] role in discord right above the moderation titles, you have voting power in the polls and I will take your personal suggestions into account when writing my stories. Novel Omni: If you get this role... then I can only say thank you for your immense support, I may do a video call with you to chat about life, it includes all the rights from the other tiers. Currently writing stories available in my patreon: [A Vampire in My Wife is a Beautiful CEO] [DxD: Golden Peerage] [High School of the Dead: Zombie World with a Gacha] Stories available in Ko-fi: [Netherworld Travellers] I accept donations on Paypal: Check up on my profile in Patreon:

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