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Hello there!~ I'm Minty!~ I run a blog with my friends called Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers. We blog about different things that interest us and that we're passionate about, from: anime, manga, gaming, etc. I'm in charge of Real People Stuff (live action movies/dramas). However, I also blog and fangirl about anything that interests me: Asian dramas, movies, music, manga, manhwa, webtoons, novels, etc. In my free time, I also write and sing English covers of my favorite songs. Particularly Thai songs since I'm Thai-American. I like making new friends and see my posts as casual conversations with my friends (YOU, our BAYOG Fam). I write casual reviews, rants, and recommendations. I love discussing things that I'm interested in and hearing other people's opinions. I honestly hold no expectation of people actually reading my posts, but I'm surprised and honestly touched to find out people enjoy reading them. I think it's a lovely thing to connect with so many people across the world over the same interests. I have rough personal and family circumstances. I work full time and have alot of obligations. It's been cause of alot of mental stress and issues at times. I never intended to be a blogger. I only started to help my friends. However, its been really enjoyable. It's also helped me with my mental health and helped me with my journey to love myself and be more expressive. It's tough working full time an having alot of obligations, but I try to blog as much as I can still. Donations aren't necessary for me, but I'll view it as a treat and special "Thank you"~ I'll see it as a sign that you enjoy what I do~ Most likely I'd use it to treat myself to some bubble tea or caffeine to recharge myself since I'm always tired. I might also use it to help cover expenses for my novels, manhwa, webtoons, etc~ Whether you decide to donate or not, I just want to say "Thank you!" I appreciate you and your time and support~ -Minty

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