Thirteen years old and six feet tale, an underfed half orc sat in her cage staring into the darkness. Not all the slaves could see in the dark, but she could. Her life in a cage in an overly garish tent had not changed for as long as she could remember. All she remembered was being a slave. In a continent ruled by humans who hated every other race, what else was she supposed to be? Her eyes closed as she remembered scenes from the past.
Seven, tiny for her race, the slave master that had always owned her was whipping her skin with a disgusting smile. He seemed to get excited at seeing her bleed. Other humans did too as she had seen him charge people to watch. The slave master seemed to use words like “True Beast”, “Ignore the jaw and arms if you wish to imagine a human girl”, “look at those large tusks”, “Still pure.” At first, she had not understood these words. All she understood was parts of her seemed to entice males and parts of her seemed to repel them.
Ten, she had reached the height of a human female. Her understanding of their language had been completed. The girl understand that her upper face and body proportions were unusually feminine even for humans. However, her jaw, tusks and arms were somehow closer to orc than ½ orc. She understood that she was both enticing and repulsive. The slave also understood the words, “Thank you for your payment. 29 gold and her first time is yours.”
Eleven, her master brought something other then combat slaves and sex slaves to his tent. It was a young unusually colored spider. Those sparkling eyes he had when he thought of profit glued on it. The poor creature thrown into a tiny cage beside her. “Look at this rare color. It shall sell well.” It seemed her master was diversifying his business. Her eyes glued on the small frightened creature. The spider had no idea it was kept alive to raised to sell at a great price. When her master walked away she lay down and reached her arms through the cage towards it. It panicked and tried to pull away. High pitched clicking noises escaping its mouth. Unsure what to do, she hummed the song of a dead elf slave that used to live in a cage near her. Eventually, the spider moved closer. The girl smiling sadly. “Muk. Let’s call you Muk.”

The master walked into the tent in a rush. He seemed tired and scared. “I must get out of here, quickly.” She watched him rush to collect as much as he could. Whomever, he could. Sounds of turmoil rang around them suddenly. Warning bells rang in the tent and the smell of fire seemed to fill the air. She watched her master scutter around, unsure of what to do. The slave girl smiled. Unlike the others around her, she had made sure something of her had not been broken. Using the strength and rage she had been saving, the girl pulled and smashed the rusting bars that caged her. The slave master looked at her shocked. However, his anxiety and nerves stunted his actions.
Bursting out of her cage, she rushed towards him. With no whip or anything in hand the slave master could only shout for her to stop. She didn’t. The young ½ orc grabbed his head and smashed it into one of his fancy tables over and over. She grabbed the nearest sharp object and began to tear him limb from limb, tucking his right hand that held the whip into her pocket. The girl rushing to break the cage that held a bright red spider. It had grown big in the last few years. Sounds of joy escaping its mouth. Turning around to see the dead look of the other slaves, the girl decided to just light it all on fire. The cries of the town guard approaching reaching her. The two former slaves ducking out for the tent and using the hole in the slums to escape the town and run into the forest.
The hired mercenary and spider master was born that day. The bones from the hand of her former master a necklace around her neck. Never again would she and her companion be slaves.