Somewhere in the realms there exists a large, calm and quiet forest. Home to many forest gnomes it was not the sort of place anyone expected anything to happen. However, something did happen. Something tragic and bad. An act so vile that the once calm and quiet forest was set ablaze and scarred forever.
An acolyte of the rotten hound appeared in the forest. To her it was just another ground to destroy. As the once peaceful village was flooded by rotten beasts that craved the flesh of the gnomes. As the forest was trampled and sacred trees burned the blood of the land was just the beginning of the day. The closer to the sun setting the more the massacre grew. Beasts and warlock ravaged the gnomes. Torturing them, leaving them as not even proper corpses, everything was dragged as an offering to Kezef.
In that chaos, a young six-year-old gnome sat in her tree home. Her parents standing in front of it with nothing but hoes in hand. The desire to at least keep their child alive motivating them to stand guard. They thought if they could prove at least something they could convince the Warlock to keep their child alive for use.
When the Warlock turned to them, a stunning smile appeared on her face. “Protecting your child, I see. To think a gnome would be able to stand during this blood festival.” The two gnomes shivered but did their best to stay standing. The father speaking out. “Surely, a warlock like you could use a servant.” She looked at them amused. “Are you offering yourselves to me?” The mother shook her head. “The likes of us are nothing to a being such as you.” She turned to her daughter in the tree. “However, our child has magical affinity. She may be useful as a servant.” The warlock turned to the child. It was a surprise to see such magical affinity from a forest gnome. However, their was a fundamental flaw with acquiring her. The first, was that she hate both gnomes and children. The second was that her lord Kezef courted those with anger and rage. This child’s anger and rage was directed towards her. Redirecting that would take time she didn’t care to spend.
She smiled and shook her head no. “Alright. I’ll spare her.” The two parents sighed in relief. One of the beasts rushing forward and chopping into the mother’s neck Her body fell and was torn into pieces. The father doing his best not to look so he could stay standing. The warlock walked up to him. “I will keep her alive long enough to be feed for my beasts.” With a look of horror on his face, the gnome fell as the warlock ripped out his heart. His body twitching for a moment before her beasts rushed to devour him. She turned to the child with a smile on her face. “Blame fate, little girl.”
The beasts started to approach her when a pillar of flame appeared between them and the child. A violet skinned Tiefling appearing from inside the flames. All the rotten beasts falling flat on the ground in prostration. The warlock herself taking a few steps back in fear. In a voice that could not be defined, the Tiefling spoke. “Disciple of rotten hound, if you wish to live leave this forest and this girl alone.” The warlock looked up at him in shock. Her body not able to move. “Lord…” The flame pillar grew brighter and hotter. The Tiefling itself seemed to now be made of flame. “I said leave.” She looked at the child for a moment with rage in her eyes, but quickly pulled out of the scorched lands with her beasts.
The young gnome child looked up at the Tiefling of fire that approached her. It bent down and pat her head. The girl shocked at her not being caught on fire stared up at him. With a smile the Tiefling spoke, “Child, I have been looking for a creature like you.” It bent down and put both of its hands on her head. “As the memories of everything before this disappears, you are reborn and baptized in the flames of Y’chak.” Standing up slowly, it offered its hand to the young gnome child standing up. She followed his gaze the destruction in front of her. Her eyes sparkling at the site of blood and flame. “As a present I shall give you the name Paisley. Use that name to spread me throughout the realms my child.”
Looking up at the burning devil the little girl nodded. “Paisley accepts father.”