Elves of all ages ran through the forest with great speed and anger. The traitor they were chasing was moving faster then they thought. She had entered the blight lands, the swamp. However, they couldn’t afford to let her get away. Ayita had betrayed not only her clan, but the honor of her kind. No one had thought the Chief’s only daughter, an elite elven beauty, would start a relationship with one of the filthy Drow that lived in the mountain caves on the other side of the forest. Not only had she started a secret relationship with the common filth, but she had gotten herself pregnant by him. Ayita had gone so mad that she decided to flee towards there community not only by herself but with her child from her husband. Her position could not save her. As her father and her husband, the head guard, lead the charge to regain the honor of their clan. They wanted to also save the life of the young pure blood baby.
Fighting through the moving poison vines and large hoards of venomous reptiles the hoard of elves finally found their pray. The beautiful Ayita was leaning by a tree, breathing heavily and resting her breath. The dirty Drow had caught up with them and was holding the elven child smiling. It seemed as if he had been delusional as well. To associate that child as if it was his. Enraged by the scene, the Elven head guard fired an arrow through the Drow. The man falling to the ground with an arrow in his forehead. The young child in his arms rolling a bit away. Ayita looking at the body screaming. “Cha’tima!” She bent down, forgetting about her own child, and clutched at his body. Tears running down her face as she cried. “My love. My dear. My husband.” The chief guard enraged by the words of ‘my husband’ rushed towards her. A slap leaving the sight of bright red flesh on her cheek.
“I am your husband! Not that filthy thing.” Ayita didn’t even look at him. Her eyes set on the face of her dead lover. “Cha’tima…” Her father appeared with the other elves. “Ayita, your whims have gone too far this time.” She turned around to glare at her father. “WHIMS! You murdered my husband because you didn’t like the idea of the peace treaty that was being pushed for!” Ayita holding her slightly bulging stomach. “You murdered your grandchild’s father!” The chief guard slapped her again. “How dare you say that monster is the chief’s blood!” She bent down to hold her lover in her arms. “I hate you! I hate you all!” The chief walked towards her with his spear in hand. “I know. You made that clear the moment you allowed that filth to defile you.” He narrowed his eyes. “But the hate of a monster is not a concern of our tribe.” Ayita went to speak, but her father swung his spear and her head toppled away from the rest of her body. The chief using his spear to cut open her belly and stab the still growing baby with his spear. Lifting the lifeless deformed form of an unborn child, he turned to his clan shouting, “The monsters have purged! Glory to Vandria!” The elves cheered excitedly. He turned to the head guard and clapped his back. “Don’t worry my faithful child. I shall have another worthier daughter for you to wed.” Delighted the chief guard nodded his head excited. The elves finally turning to look at the quiet child on the swamp ground. Strangely, throughout all of this she had not made one sound.
Chaos suddenly filled the area. As the wrath of Ayita may have summoned the horde of the beasts of the blight. Feral creatures of all shapes and sizes rushed the area. All they saw was a group of creatures who not only disturbed their lands but made excellent prey. Violence, blood, gore and primal rage filled the area. Elves shouted and screamed for Vandria as they tried to fight their way out. All thoughts of their victory against the monsters gone as they fought for survival. Many of them dying before they managed to escape the blight creatures. However, in all that confusion a single young child was left behind in their blanket. The creatures turned to child at last. She was to be their snack. Yet, as if on a whim Solonar himself, one of the great kings of the area appeared. His large black frame standing over the child. A mighty roar escaped his mouth and forced the creatures to back away. He looked down with his golden eyes at the strange child. The young girl finally making a noise as she giggled at the site of him. The child disappearing from the area with the blight lord. Only to be reborn years from then as the guardian of the blight and the wrath of Ayita.
Named Tecumseh by the nearby Elves, Drow, Orcs and Lizard-folk, the incarnation of the wilds was a terror that they never could of imagined.