I was now five years old. It was no longer strange that I talked well and learned how to do things very quickly. Hiding it all had been the nightmare of my childhood. Now, I was old enough to freely enjoy my family. The Admin had done a wonderful job on choosing the family I would be born into. My parents were the Count and Countess of a large countryside domain. Everything around us was peaceful and comfortable.

My older brother was kind, smart and apparently very talented in magic. However, my favorite part of him was how much he looked like mom. Atlas Archer Wilk -nii san was my brother with perfect features, stunning silver hair and beautiful amethyst eyes. When he stood next to mom I noticed everyone staring at them with soft eyes.

My second eldest brother, Holmes Orion Wilk -nii san, was very different. He loved to fight and show off his trained bodies to everyone. Holnes-nii san's hair was black like fathers and even though he had mother's eyes they didn't quite sparkle the way Atlas- nii san's did. My second eldest brother was fun to be around though, because he always wanted to play games and adventure.

I had one more elder brother named Jericho Hunter Wilk. Jericho-nii san was very ero. Although, he was only seven years old all the young girls already looked at him funny. Apparently, they way he tied his long silver hair and batted his amethyst eyes was too stimulating. Jericho-nii san didn't seem to really care about the attention. Even though he liked to have fun, he was calm and sly. He spent most of his free time with Alma. 

Alma was a very special girl in our domain. Her father was an older traveling elf who happened across our domain. Apparently, he loved the emphasis on including nature in our updating our domain plans and got along with father. He had decided to stay in our domain as an adviser. We all called him Feno- oji san because he had lived at our house so long. Everyone in our country found this very amazing, so father had a good reputation in the capital. What was even more amazing was the idea that Alma got along so well with Jericho-nii san. People said they may get married one day.

These five years really had been very comfortable. There was no indication at all of being a noble or having responsibilities. All I had to do was have proper manners, have a decent personality and play with my family. It was all so wonderful that I was surprised by otou-san's question.


I blinked a few times before looking back up at my father. He seemed really expectant. A nervous smile was on his face. Otou-san was such a daughter-con.

"Let's go."

He picked me up all excited. Otou-san said I was finally old enough to see our Vega domain's largest city, Aerglo. It was apparently the creation of ten years of construction. Soon roads would be built to connect it to the other smaller cities and villages in the domain to mark its completion. We would also have a smaller mansion there for Otou-san do to his work easier.

"Feno- oji san?"

I was surprised to see him in the carriage with us. He seemed to always be busier than father. Especially, when it came to spying on Jericho-nii san and Alma. The older elf man nodded his head and pat mine.

"Lyra is really clever. I want to hear your thoughts on the city."

I never understood why Feno-oji san had such a good opinion of me. He always came to ask me questions and see what I had as an answer. I wasn't the heir of the domain. Atlas- nii san was. My father and him talking about something as the carriage headed towards the new city. I just kept looking out the window.


When I saw the outside of the city I almost fell off my father's lap. Huge stone walls beautifully adorned by vines surrounded the circular city. Four large archways were built in to be entrance points. I could see on the side facing the ocean buildings tall enough to see it even if we weren't right next to it. Large tree tops seemed arrange to blend in with the buildings and acted as a highlight as you drove towards the city. It really looked like a fantasy city from far away.


Feno-oji san and my father smiled.

"Your brother Atlas and I worked really hard to come up with a way to build the walls around the city."

"Atlas-nii san created this!"

Feno-oji san nodded his head with a smile on his face.

"Atlas really seems to be good at everything."

Otou-san smiling proudly.

"Atlas is Estelle and mine's child."

I watched Feno-oji san roll his eyes. Besides being a daughter-con otou-san was a wife-con. I eagerly watched us pull up to the gates. There were guard areas built of stone on each side. Above us were beautiful silver looking gates pulled up.  The guard positioned at this gate looked up at us and saluted. His uniform looked completely different then those in our estate! He had light shiny silver armor. The cloth exposed was a mix of the black and light green of our crest and he held a beautiful looking sword. I could see besides him were guards dressed similar with their own weapons. Feno-oji san saw my reaction and smiled.

"The other domains in this human country had rough looking guards, so I suggested the guards of the largest city should look like proper elites. Don't they make a better welcome Lyra?"

I nodded my head quickly.

"Feno-oji san is a genius."

He looked away shyly.

"Well, it's just what us elves do."

I waved goodbye to the nice looking guard as our carriage entered the city. There was no way I wouldn't press my face against the window. Neat streets lined with organized shops and stalls created a beautiful sight. I could see from the distance tiny rivers and parks breaking up the stone buildings. Beautiful flora and fauna probably brought here from the elf's country decorated the town. Banners and lanterns hang from trees and stores. There were a few large tower like buildings that could be used as watch towers or places to sight see. At the very center of it all was a large tree that seemed bigger then everything around it. Huge vines and lanterns hang from it and a circular park had been built underneath it. I couldn't help, but point to it.

"What is that!"

Otou-san smiled coyly.

"That is a gift from Feno's relatives. It is called A Sapling Of Heaven. One day it will grow even bigger then that."

I quickly turned to look at Feno-oji san. His face was red.

"It's nothing special Lyra. It's just a thank you gift for taking care of nature and trying to make other humans do the same."

I looked at father.

"Otou-san is so cool!"

He had to lean away to hide his expression. I watched as the carriage took us to a small and beautiful mansion hidden behind small gates and trees. The front of the building had large stained glass windows that casted rainbow lights on the entrance to the mansion. My mouth dropped open.


He smiled awkwardly.

"Your mother thought of that to welcome the domain's officials properly."

I looked up at both the men in the carriage.

"Everyone is so amazing!"

The two of them looked away shyly. When the carriage stopped I noticed that the butler who opened the door was also dressed amazing! He looked like a butler that walked out of a movie screen back on Earth.

"Welcome back, Count Wilk, Lord Feno, young mistress."

Ignoring all of them, I stumbled out of the carriage and ran around excited.

"Otou-san this amazing! Okaa-san designed! Atlas-nii san helped! I bet everyone else helped too!"

I could see the staff staring at me warmly but I didn't care. This city was too amazing. Wasn't this world supposed to be lacking in technology? Did magic do so much in the hands of the right people! I turned around to Feno-oji san and Otou-san.

"I want to help! Please, let me help!"

Father seemed to laugh.

"Isn't that why I brought you here."

Feno-oji san walked past Otou-san and picked me up. The staff seemed a little surprised but I wasn't. Feno-oji san was such a caring guy.

"Lyra's ideas are always clever. The light moss in lanterns like you suggested was a wonderful idea. They are all over the city and the citizens are so delighted by them."

I smiled widely and hugged Feno-oji san.

"It's Feno-oji san's work. He showed me the light moss! I just put it in an empty lantern to see if it would make night time more comfortable. Feno-oji san and the rest of the elves are amazing!"

Otou-san quickly pulled me out of his arms into his own. He was such a daughter-con.

"It's definitely not all his accomplishments. You know the things you said about hygiene were implemented too. There is trash binds throughout the city and with the help of the elves we have made a proper recycling area. Proper public bathrooms are scattered around as well with cheap soap and water. Less people get sick each year."

I couldn't help, but giggle. Everything in this world was so comfortable. Otou-san patted my head again.

"Lyra, you get so happy when other people are happy."

I nodded my head.

"Because of Otou-san and everyone else I am so comfortable. I want others to be just as comfortable as us!"

I'm pretty sure everyone misunderstood me, because they all looked like they had melted into a warm pile of mush. I pointed at the mansion.

"Let's go inside!"