Hey guys!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jaime Rebanal and I am the editor-in-chief of Cinema from the Spectrum - a film criticism website dedicated to sharing the perspectives of people on the autism spectrum like myself. I've been accepted for press credentials at the Tribeca Film Festival and I'm also going to need a little help from you all. As you would know about me, I am still a mere student trying to find a job - and it's not exactly easy with my own school schedule either, often getting rejection letters wherever I go. So I'd also want to look for the help of the lot of you, who've been sticking around my writing for so long, to help back me up here. I applied to cover press at Tribeca hoping to represent autistic members of the press like myself and I certainly don't want to be held back. If you'd be kind enough to chip in a few dollars - and even spread this to help me attain my goal, that'd be wonderful.

Thank you so much!

- Jaime

P.S. - I don't wish to be a money hog, so I also plan on donating extra funds that I earn from this over to charity (in particular, I'm looking to donate to Time's Up, Share Her Journey, and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network) - so even if I don't end up going, I'd love for the money to go to a good place that needs it more than I do. I set a goal for $2500 right now as an estimate to cover the costs for booking a place to stay, the trip back and forth, tickets, and food to eat. If it turns out I'll need more and this campaign is a success, I'll still donate whatever's left to charity.