Hello!  My name is N.B. Waifu, and if you are here, that likely means you have taken some interest in "The Dandelion Patch!" 

If you are here, that also might mean you have considered supporting my work by donating a couple dollars to me!  Let me tell you, that is very kind of you to do!  

The Dandelion Patch is a multimedia story about an underemployed waitress who experiences an unprecedented vision quest. This extrasensory gift allows her to have cryptic and unusual hallucinations about her friends and loved ones. It is partially romantic comedy, partially heartfelt drama, and partially supernatural mystery featuring fun, vibrant characters living their lives in the bustling little city of Foefurr. 

While typically portrayed as a traditional comic, "The Dandelion Patch" will occasionally use light animation, text conversations, phone conversations with spoken dialogue, and even a little interactive visual novel in order to tell little bits of the story in a fresh and stylish way!

It is very much a project I am passionate about, so much so that I want as many people as possible to read it for free- no limitations!  I update the comic with a little bit of content every Tuesday and Thursday, and am always looking for new ways to improve the comic as well as the site it is hosted on.  I create this project and ask for nothing in return, simply because I love the act of storytelling and drawing comics.  However, I did want to make it possible for very generous individuals to donate their hard earned money to help carry the costs of operating such a project.  I do not wish to profit off of my work, so everything I receive will go back into the work, whether it be paying for my hosting, or hiring help to assist me in generating new and fresh content!  In return, you will have my eternal appreciation and a dedication of thanks on my webpage for keeping it going.

If you enjoy The Dandelion Patch, and do not wish to donate at this time, just send me an email and let me know what you like.  If you don't like something about it, let me know, too!  I am always open to hearing criticism about my work!

I uh, think that's it for now!  Thank you either way for reading!