Reform & Rebuild

We are a comprehensive network - providing advice, information, and assistance to prisoners, particularly those serving life and IPP sentences, as well as their families and friends. Our services are designed to help individuals navigate the complexities of the prison experience, facilitating communication, acquiring information and insight about the system, comprehending prisoner rights, and accessing the support resources we provide. Within many prisons, we acknowledge the distressing realities that individuals in these facilities often endure, including physical mistreatment, excessive disciplinary measures, challenging living conditions, and inadequate access to medical and mental health care. Those serving long sentences can be particularly affected by these hardships. Our guidance and support stem from our own lived experience within the system, allowing us to truly comprehend the obstacles faced by prisoners and their loved ones, and the critical need for advice and assistance. We are devoted to delivering timely and responsive assistance to enquiries and concerns, spanning a wide range of topics including prisoner rights, communication support, access to prison policies, emotional well-being, and general prison information. Your generous donations enable us to sustain our vital work, ensuring we continue to offer a free and up-to-date service through materials, support, and information for prisoners and their loved ones. We deeply appreciate your contributions as they allow us to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by the prison system.

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