Hello! I dabble a lot with game design prototypes, and occasionally I want to take prototypes I've made and turn them into full fledged games! I don't do this professionally, and I don't have investors or anything of that nature, so it's all self funded and done in my free time. Because of this, I use what I have left from my 9-5 to pay for anything related to working on games- audio, conventions, marketing, etc, and use most of my spare time not spent at my job to make things! It's rewarding within itself being able to create something fun, but the flipside of that coin is it can be very costly to get it done in a timely manner. That's why I've made this! If you like what I've made and want to show support, shoot me a message on Twitter! No need to buy me a coffee! I appreciate it~ If you want to buy me a coffee, I also appreciate it! I don't have any clear goals set for this yet- as it stands right now it goes toward the general development of things and promotional ventures (conventions), but everything helps offset the cost of developing!

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