Project Lockout

We are a UK based physical theatre & mime company, crafting art through creative freewriting and movement dynamics within theatre and film. We are a small team who have been working together since 2017 on the creation of our first show The Things That I've Dismissed at the Southend Fringe Festival. Two more shows later, a street performance and a collection of digital work, we find ourselves facing a challenge larger than anticipated. With coronavirus putting a halt to theatre, many small companies are unable to continue working nor share their art. We too have lost a lot financially due to the cancellation of VAULT Festival 2020, where we were meant to debut our third show The Maniac Complex - a physical theatre performance around the mental health of young people. As a company we are unable to train, and although we are looking into applying for larger pots of funding this is often a lengthy process with uncertain outcomes. Anything you're able to give directly supports the creation and distribution of our art within this current time. It also allows for the training of our artists, and enables us to host workshops engaging communities across the UK. Thank you so much for your support!

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