Hello, I am Quan a 20yr-old self-taught artist and I mostly do digital portraits. Sometimes I do dabble in traditional. I have always loved art but I started taking it seriously in 2014-2016 and I thought why not make a living out of this. The reason I choose to focus on portraits is that a portrait can say so much in such a simple way and you can change and do so much just with a person's face. I always loved portrait photography and I wanted to draw people and make them feel happy I wanted to draw them in different ways like charcoal, oil, or pastel so that's what I did and when I was finally happy where I was at I started to post and that lead met a lot of great friends and I hope to meet more As a kid growing up in Detroit life was hard but art was a great escape so I hope to make someone happy with my art and I hope to be an escape for them. Speak to you soon

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