New Microphone!

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Part of our quest to bring you the highest-quality live-play rpg content includes getting individual microphones rather than using an area mic! Your support can help us add a new MXL 770 microphone to our setup!


The Quest Company is a group of storytellers playing through our own homebrewed adventures on this live-play RPG podcast! We started out with the “Main Quest,” our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition campaign. We now have a flourishing menagerie of “Side Quests” where we bring in guest artists from the Nashville theatre community, try out other exciting game systems, and get to make more fun and unique stories together. If you would like to support us in our efforts and help us with necessary costs such as web and media hosting (and eventually, recording equipment upgrades), we sure would appreciate it! Thank you for listening and supporting The Quest Company!

The Quest Company
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