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Hello everyone and welcome to my Ko-Fi Page! ❤Here you get to check out my blog posts that I made on my book blog, Rabbit Ears Book Blog and the blog posts include my book reviews, daily chats and participation in various book memes! You will also see some of my artwork in this account! 🎥Also, if you love talking about movies, TV shows and video games, I have a YouTube channel where I talk about all that and more! Also, if you want to support my YouTube channel, but you can't support me through Patreon, then please feel free to support me here through Ko-Fi instead! 🤩Support Eye Tier to get special discounts in my Ko-Fi shop, get social media shoutouts on my social media accounts, be able to join the community and get direct messages from me! ☠THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT!☠ Every skull means a lot to me and they will help me in supporting myself financially, as well as being able to buy more books and movies to give you guys detailed reviews! ✨REWARDS FOR YOU!✨ So, what do you guys get if you help support me? Well, first off, you get to have your name engraved in my Top Supporters banner that will be shown on both my book blog and my Surreal Movies and TV Blog. But, I will also show the banner here on Ko-Fi for everyone to see! Also, I will personally send anyone who supported me a "Thank You Doodle!" Another reward you will get is if you become a member is that you will get special shoutouts in my social media acconts like Twitter and Instagram! Also, if you become a member, you will get discounts off in my Ko-Fi shop. 🏆GROUP GOAL:🏆 To reach $1,500.00 to buy a new laptop so I can create better content for YouTube and Twitch and a new TV.

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