Rae Rae The Science BAE

WELCOME TO THE RAE RAE THE SCIENCE BAE KO-FI COMMUNITY! Here on my Ko-Fi page you will be able to: *Shop Rae Rae The Science BAE Handcrafted Goods *Access Freebie Resources *Donate to Support My Work Any resources donated will be used to further create, develop, share, and collaborate on inclusive, sustainable, and creative content. FOR ALL SUPPORTERS (One-off & Monthly): Anyone who has donated any amount one-off within the last 30 days or purchases from my online shop will have exclusive access to Ko-Fi content that will not be available on any other platform (examples include: hi-res downloadable phone wallpapers, ability to comment on Ko-fi content, and upcoming full-length tutorial videos). With love - I wish you all the wonder of the ocean, Rae Rae The Science BAE

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