Raíces Verdes

Hello! Thank you for supporting Raices Verdes. At the moment Raices Verdes is primarily lead by Samara Almonte, and with support from different community members from time to time. The reality is that content creation and as Raices Verdes expands to new forms of storytelling is almost like a full-time, and a lot of the work is still unpaid. So this is an opportunity for listeners and followers of Raices Verdes to support the director Samara Almonte in her journey as a storyteller. Support can look in many ways, but sometimes the most accessible method for supporting community is through monetary donations. And all donations are appreciated! If you donate at least $10 dollars you are eligible to receive a Raices Verdes original Zine and or a postcard while supplies last. Use this link to receive your Zine: https://forms.gle/2UDtRyX1get8833G7

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