Randy and Teddy

Hi, everybody, I’m Randy. To be honest, I’d rather skip the formalities and invite you to plunge straight into our world of adventures, but it is Teddy who insists on being formally introduced. So, this is my furry companion, Teddy. I know, I know, all fluffy and cuddly, he is the one who melts hearts and lights up faces. However, don’t let this tail-wagger’s sugary sweetness fool you. Appearances can be deceptive! Since Teddy came into my life, fate has often taken me on odd journeys. With Teddy around, my life has become a constant shuffle between valuable work and unwanted distraction or, according to Teddy, between tediously boring business and great adventures. In an attempt to keep Teddy in line and find a balance between performance and idleness, I somehow invented Randy Randoms games machine. We invite you to join us as we are setting off on our quest.

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