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I want to build the most useful character repository you can find. All of this started from two simple pains: 1) I can't find all the reference material for my characters, and I want to commission artists and storytellers! 2) Artists can't find all the information they need to finish work, and are waiting on the commissioner to dig up more references. Of course, storytellers, roleplayers and gaming nerds alike might appreciate having one place, finally, for their characters to live, grow, and be shared. I want to build that place. In fact, I did build that place. I just need to make it better, and recruit help, and to do that, I need an enthusiastic crowd of "You can do this, Mau!" people. And, of course, dollar dollar bills. Your contributions will more likely go to server fees than it will go to coffee, and that's huge. It currently takes $120/month to run as well as I am. I welcome any contribution. If you're interested in supporting this project more, check out our Patreon: Thanks a million! -- Mau Abata

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