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Hey, I'm Richtor; I'm 23 years old, and I create stuff. Lots of stuff, really, but mostly I draw. My main medium is digital media, though I do a few pencil sketches too. I also enjoy anime, gaming, and spend way too much time on my resource blog.

Richtor D. Everet
Hey, thanks for visiting my Ko-Fi! I am an artist, mostly digital media, that has lately been doing a lot of sigil designs. I put a good amount of time and energy into what I do, so any support is greatly appreciated. I am also considering opening up divination readings with tarot, for which I will also be accepting donations for. Donations here will go towards paying my bills, most likely, lol. Though, in the future, I wish to open a metaphysical shop. Thank you once again for stopping by, and doubly thank you for supporting my work!

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