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Thank you for checking out our page! We started this podcast in 2018 and if you've been listening the whole time, you will have hopefully noticed many improvements in the quality of the production (sorry we haven't gotten any better at talking). We have invested in bringing you the best sounding podcast that we possibly can, and while we did not start this podcast to make any money we thought it was time to set up a page so that a listener or a fan of the show could support the show if they so chose. Your support will allow us to continue to make improvements to the show, such as continued audio improvement, new content, new swag, and to bring continued Bobcat news via our Twitter account (@rrcatcast). We did not want to take anything away from current listeners, so the only membership tier benefit in a content capacity is getting access to off-season special episodes early (interviews mainly). The main benefit to becoming a member is our swag, which is stickers and Golden Coolies, and helping us create new content for all Bobcat fans to enjoy. Thanks again for your continued listenership, and Go Cats!

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