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Sabina Stent
I’m a freelance arts and culture writer whose work has been published by such esteemed outlets as Magnum Photos, CrimeReads, Polygon, AnOther Magazine, WWAC, and SciFi Now. Additionally, I am a contributing editor of MAI Journal: A Journal on Feminist Visual Culture. I'm pretty active on Twitter. While my academic background in Women Surrealists continues to be a primary focus of work, I have many, MANY interests ranging from Old Hollywood films to 80s sleaze rock. I don’t believe in reigning myself in, which is why you will see me Tweeting about Elsa Schiaparelli one minute and Guns N’ Roses the next. Some of you may already be signed up to Love Letters During A Nightmare, for which I am very grateful. I love writing about things I'm passionate about, but doing it for free is not always viable, especially when I am also (often fruitlessly) pitching editors who usually prefer more topical subjects. Non-fiction research, especially arts-based textbooks, online journal articles and archives, which so much of my research is founded on, costs a penny. Your support will assist to keep me and my work, including the newsletter, of the highest quality, allow me to do more, and alleviate some financial stress while I pitch outlets pieces that will, ideally, be paid on time. I also want to use this page to delve into some music writing. So if you like my work and enjoy the things I write and tweet about and would like to throw a couple of quid in the ring or buy me a coffee to keep me going, I really appreciate it! But, honestly, there's no pressure — I'm just grateful you checked this place out in the first place. Thanks for your support, Sabina Find me on Twitter: @SabinaStent Read my Substack Newsletter here:

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