Salt & Mirrors & Cats
ABOUT Salt & Mirrors & Cats is an upcoming vintage-style literary magazine founded by Superstition Sam and Signe Maene, with layout design by the folk horror illustrator Prairie Bones. Our purpose is to publish a variety of voices from new and established authors inspired by the whimsical—but sometimes, also frightening—world of superstitions, with submissions ranging from short stories to poetry, as well as flash fiction, artworks, and referenced articles. Additionally, we shall also be working in collaboration with The Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Podcast to produce an audio version of the best stories submitted to our zine. FUNDRAISER UPDATE On a Friday 13th in January 2023, we asked for your help to turn this dream project into a reality, and just little under a month later we reached our goal — all thanks to your support! By contributing to our fundraiser, you helped us towards: - Printing costs, so that we can create a physical copy of our zine, - Design commissions, created by the wonderful Prairie Bones, - And most importantly, author payments—as we believe in the importance of supporting the creators who shall transport you to their own magical, unique, and superstitious world in the pages of our zine! As a Backer Reward, everyone that contributed to this goal shall receive a FREE DIGITAL COPY of Salt & Mirrors & Cats once it’s finished, with the addition that every supporter that contributed with over £20 shall also have their name printed in the magazine, together with our eternal gratitude. Now that we've reached our goal, our Ko-fi shall remain open for donations to maintenance costs, so please buy us a coffee if you can!

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