Sarah McQuaid

Thank you so much for visiting my Ko-Fi page! Making a living from music has never been easy, but it's become even more difficult in recent years, so I’m deeply grateful to the monthly supporters who give me a bit of “job security” by making regular donations in return for access to exclusive content including behind-the-scenes insights, “How To Play” tutorials, sheet music/tablature, “Story Behind The Song” videos and more. If you don’t feel able to subscribe, you can choose to “buy me a coffee” with a one-time donation — every contribution helps, no matter how small. As of August 2023, I’ve wound down my Patreon page and re-uploaded my previous Patreon posts here, post-dated for clarity, so new Ko-Fi subscribers have access to all the supporter-only content I’ve created to date. Here's a brief introductory video to me and my music:

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