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REAL TALK: Making Creative Cravings isn’t free. Time! Energy! Expenses! We both were in dark places, feeling lost in life and unfulfilled. Turning this situation around was something only we could do with determination and consistent follow-through. Now, we make this show to help all of us wake up each day with a renewed mindset. You can 100% do this, even when life throws you lemons. Thanks for the cups of coffee! You are truly making a difference by helping us to live our lives to the fullest.


Hi, generous human! We are twin sisters, Sari and Lauren, co-hosts of our own podcast, Creative Cravings (launched Feb 2019). You know that happy feeling when a great conversation fills you up as much as a delicious meal or a perfect cup of coffee? We do, too! Each week, we are bringing that to you on the podcast. Our deep conversations with creative, food-loving guests are fun, inspiring, and full of ingredients for how to live life to the fullest. What we create is free to you (but costs us money!), so if you are craving a way to support the show, we appreciate it. Your cups of coffee - whether one cup for each of us, or a week's worth - really helps to fuel our creativity so we can keep fueling yours! Thanks for your generosity! What's your favorite coffee spot? Let us know by messaging us on Instagram at @creative.cravings Always craving coffee over here ;)

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Sari Feingold and Lauren Feingold
Welcome to our Ko-fi Page. How are you? We're so happy and grateful you're here! If you believe in us, and you're enjoying Creative Cravings podcast ... would you please consider supporting what we do? From podcasting equipment to the time we spend behind the scenes preparing episodes, booking guests, editing the show, keeping the website up to date with show notes, creating a helpful newsletter, building a community, and creating a larger Creative Cravings experience for listeners - we could use some help off-setting our startup costs and production costs for the year. From the bottom of our hearts, and coffee mugs, THANK YOU. Feel free to send us "coffees" via Venmo if that is what you prefer (we appreciate any contribution!) to @Lauren-Feingold and @Sari-Feingold.

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