Save Cantonese 守護粵語

Dear Supporters of Save Cantonese, Since our campaign began in late 2020, we have remained a completely volunteer-based movement. Every event we've hosted, every graphic you've seen on social media, every bit of news media coverage we've received --all of it has been thanks to the volunteers of Team Cantonese. We advocate for Cantonese language education programs so that more and more people can learn this vibrant language. We create social media content to connect with community across the Cantonese diaspora. We spread our message of diversity and multilingualism to the public, so that they understand that Cantonese is essential to our society. We work tirelessly to build a world where Cantonese language and culture continues to thrive everywhere it is spoken. We want our movement to grow, to reach a larger audience, and we could use a little help. There are specific things that we have not been able to accomplish simply because we have no funds available to do so. Your gift, whether a one-time contribution or as a monthly supporter, would help us cover the costs of our work, including: - Social media marketing - Event costs - Technology subscriptions/fees - Website domain for - Premium Canva account so that we can create gorgeous graphics - Honorariums for event speakers - Financial recognition for Cantonese instructors for our Speak Canto series - Community event expenses - Media editing software - and other activities! We plan to continue growing our movement, and we hope to have your support! Together we will Save Cantonese language and culture everywhere! 多謝晒 !! Team Cantonese

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