Saving Throw

What is the Exploration Society? You are an adventurer. You are always on the hunt for RPGs that are either new, exotic, classic, streamlined or all of the above! You're also always seeking ways to improve your gameplay. There's no better way to do this than through the Saving Throw Exploration Society! What do we do on Saving Throw? For the quick and dirty, you can see our work here: We produce a wide range of content devoted to tabletop gaming, especially RPGs. We play lots of indie games (New Pantheon: Academia, RPG Exploration Society & All Games, No Masters), popular games like D&D (Dice Ex Machina, Dark Lanterns), games with humor and heart (Salt Bay) and games with horror and grit (Wildcards). We even just chat about RPGs (Owlbear Soup)! We also teach RPGs through Tutorials and Play. That's what we do. If you've ever... Wanted to pick up a rulebook but were daunted by the concepts... Wanted to introduce a friend to RPGs but didn't have time to teach them... Wanted to try a new game but were intimidated by terms or even other players... We're here to help. We're committed to raising up marginalized voices; introducing RPGs and playstyles you may never have heard of; and playing with diverse and inclusive tables. What benefits do I get with Society membership? In addition to unlocking more shows for your enjoyment and education, you'll also get new ways to interact with us like Discord channels, the ability to add NPCs to streamed campaigns, swag, merch discounts, VIP treatment at in-person events & much more! At Saving Throw we believe everyone should get access to the same things, and therefore all tiers receive much the same packages. The primary difference is the time it takes to have those rewards "vest". Plus every Society member will receive a pin which will identify you to other Society members and the world as one of the foremost authorities on RPG adventure! Where's the money go? To do what we do requires a great deal of planning, manpower, and space. Your monthly pledge will be used to help us pay for our equipment, storage space while we rebuild our studio space, payroll for all our wonderful cast, equipment and software, website needs and more. Our expenses for 2020 were nearly $70,000! Yeah! I know! And our income does not begin to cover that so a lot comes out of Dom's pocket which means rice & beans. You know the drill. Thank You! Seriously. We do this because we love RPGs and we think you're pretty swell. It's the sort of content we've always wanted to see and having your support making it is a dream come true. So what do you say? Care to join this party? Now... LET'S DUNGEON!

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