Screaming Soup!

IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD . . . Screaming Soup! is an animated Silver Bolo winning web series created and produced by Dan Fowler. This novel horror host program follows the adventures of Deadwest, a ray gun slinging, gas guzzling cowboy skeleton who reviews obscure B movies from yesteryear and today while on comical sci-fightin' rodeo adventures in the wild weird west with a kaleidoscope of monstrous characters including his goat sidekick from hell Billy, and his ghostly girlfriend Mandy. With 50 episodes and counting, Deadwest’s antics have included big top bar brawls with evil clowns, chainsaw arm wrestling, and booze cruises through the bowels of hell. The show has been positively recognized by horror host heavyweights like Joe Bob Briggs and Svengoolie, crossed over with legendary filmmakers and their properties such as Charles Band at Full Moon Empire, and even hosted film fests for one of the leading horror magazines in the world, HorrorHound. NOW THAT YOU’RE CAUGHT UP . . . Howdy there, Scream Freak! I’m thrilled to the bone you’ve decided to come check out my show’s Ko-fi page. As a one man animation studio responsible for writing/drawing/voicing/animating/editing Screaming Soup!, I’ve been incredibly humbled by your support and fanfare these past seasons. I’m so fortunate my show’s been finding an audience who love it just as much as I do, which is why I think now is the best time for me to step up my game for y’all at home! You may have noticed the release of my content has been a little erratic lately, leaving Scream Freaks hungrier than usual with longer stretches between episodes. Truth be told, thanks to the fickle nature of ad revenues and fair use laws given my show’s adult content and use of movie clips, I'm more often than not forced to take on paying gigs that unfortunately tear me away from doing what I really want, and that’s making more Screaming Soup! episodes. This is where you come in, Scream Freak! Thanks to Ko-fi, you now have the opportunity to provide support for Screaming Soup! that’ll benefit you as much as it will me. Contributing to my show not only helps its production stay more consistently on track without the distraction of side jobs but also makes it possible for me to update my animation software/hardware for quicker episode turnarounds and eventually aids in the creation of Screaming Soup! merchandise for you to enjoy. With enough funds over time, I can look into producing little things for you like Screaming Soup! trading cards, posters, and stickers, to realizing more ambitious goals like maybe a comic book starring your favorite animated horror host or even a toy line possibly. Wouldn’t you like to snuggle with your own Billy doll or have a glow in the dark Deadwest figure to throw around one day? Nothing's impossible, but it all starts right here with you, Scream Freak. I’ll continue pumping out as much quality work as a one man studio with a regular nine to five can, because that’s my compulsion as an artist with a drive to create what I love, but your gracious donation will certainly help speed my creative process along and grow the brand to the benefit of you and the rest of the fans. Thanks for all you do, Scream Freak. Whether you’re just watching the show out of joy or decide to throw a few hard earned bucks my way, this show wouldn’t be as fun to make without you!!

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