Seoulbeats started in 2008 as a platform to share diverse voices examining K-pop from a critical perspective. 12 years on, we still pride ourselves on being one of the only non-commercial K-pop sites that regularly shares in-depth reviews of releases and well-researched op-eds. Seoulbeats is run on a voluntary basis by a team of fans. We make time outside of our full-time jobs and studies to research, write, and edit the content you've been reading, at no cost to our readers. We publish articles, and search engines and social media activity bring in readers. The traffic brings advertising revenue, which we use to pay for our server. We want to keep our work accessible to all readers, and to continue sharing our honest views without compromising our content to meet our financial needs. But we've come to a crossroads where ads can no longer be the sole source to keep Seoulbeats financially afloat. So, we have opened this Ko-fi for readers who want to help support the site. Thank you always for reading our articles. We hope that with your support, we'll be able to keep this dynamic space, with more than 10,000 posts appreciating and critiquing K-pop, going for more years to come.

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