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🏜️ Fallout Mom 🌌 Galaxy's Okayest Pathfinder 🦋 LOOΠΔ Orbit ☠️ Smith Syndicate Hiya! I'm a SoCal based cosplay/crafting hobbyist and merch collector, just out here doing my thing. I've also been very involved in the Fallout community for quite some time now, so you've probably seen me around at some point and didn't even realize it was me lmao If you'd like to support me, the best way to do it is by being active and help share my social media to help get my stuff out there, and using my affiliate links for purchases. I'm just putting this here for those who would like to show their support by throwing a few bucks my way and help keep me fueled with boba... no seriously, this stuff helps keep me going when I'm working on content, haha! Thanks for stopping by~ 😊❤

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