Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do with a tip. My focus with Ko-Fi is to aid in compensating my future partners. I've been building a sprite animated series and I am also planning to resume a series of shorts I used to make on Youtube. I aim to pay voice and musical talent & commission pixel artists to help increase the quality of my productions. Ko-Fi funds would greatly aid my ability to do this. Now onto what you'll get out of donations or tips! A tip gets you a custom voice commission if you'd like! Options include: -Custom voice notification clips for Twitch streamers! (Want some magic audio when that subscribe button is pressed?) -Memorable Memos! (Need a short, but dynamic reminder to study, or pick up groceries?) -RIngtones! (Sleeping through your music, how about getting a strange man yelling at you to rise and challenge the day?) -Art Audio Adventures! (Do you have a few panels or pages of your fan comic or original creation that you want brought to life? Do you want Venom singing karaoke With a mildly annoyed Spider-man? I'm your guy!) -Misc audio (Want a few spoken words to practice lip sync animation in 2d and 3d? Hit me up and we can work on something fun!) =====RULES===== Please read everything before contacting me, if you're unsure about an idea, feel free to ask me on Twitter and I'll clarify anything I can. -ALLOW 1-2 DAYS for delivery and please let me know what format you’d like (wav, mp3). Sometimes I can get out a request upon receiving it, but with timezones, work, or general life situations, I may need extra time. -Like I said, let's keep it fun, and light! No callouts, politics, hate or drama. -Payment must be made before delivery. -No raunchy requests, it's...better that way. -Commissions are completed in order received. -Please keep it short, no paragraphs or entire articles at this time. For now 2 sentences or 60 words max. Though if you want a longer project or something larger in scope, contact me through twitter and we can discuss in more detail. -Have an idea for something not listed here? Feel free to ask first before donating and maybe I'd be up for it. Never hurts to ask. You can contact me through twitter Dms or through my hompage before ordering. Enjoy! I hope to work with you all soon!

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