Jennifer Silverwood

Welcome Wylderfolk! My ko-fi page helped bring my two sequels to Silver Hollow to life, after years sitting on the sidelines. The year was 2020, and my means didn't match my ambition (same old story, same old song & dance). I took a leap when I started this page, and while I haven't been able to focus too heavily on updates, I'm hoping to continue building more fantastic options for you going forward. So what are my goals? I'll use the funds I raise here to produce and publish more Borderlands Saga novels (including Annwyn Park). I am also in the process of finishing the Wylder Tales Trilogy (Scarred & Bound). If I'm lucky, I'll have more wonderful sequels, stand-alone stories, and more for you. And while I'd love if you could buy me a "ko-fi" to keep me going, many of my ebooks actually cost less than a real-life coffee ;) For my full and ongoing book list see ~

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