♥ This page is for anyone who wants show their support & is completely optional. You can enter any amount in the space above as a tip. If you'd like to subscribe to my Patreon instead, go to ♥ I appreciate all tips very much! I suffer from chronic pain/illness, which greatly affects my financial situation. Just know that any tips you may decide to leave are very much appreciated. 💗 ♥ I can make custom requests when I have the time 😊 ♥ I am happy to assist in tracking down CC downloads that you just can't seem to find. ♥ I'm not sure if anyone will notice this, but as a generational witch & Reiki practitioner I also offer the following services: 🔮 1 card tarot pull for a tip of any amount you choose. Includes a clarification card draw from oracle deck. If you are having a problem I will do a simple candle spell in your "name" if you like, just as a thank you. (real name is not needed, since energy doesn't need that in order to work 🌻) 👐 Distance Reiki - 30 minutes for 19 EUR / 20 USD

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