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I'm a 33 year old queer Canadian illustrator, cartoonist and stay at home dad. I don't drink coffee, but your scalding beverage dollars will keep me subscribed to my photoshop license, purchase reference materials and software and let me keep some bills paid!

Hey all! The current bonus goal is for a fancy, interesting illustration that will be made into a wallpaper that will be available for free download. The goal amount is less about paying to own the wallpaper and more about making sure the time I take to draw it is compensated for so that I can keep up with my software licenses and purchase assets like photoshop brushes that I can't justify buying without a little extra in the bank.

You can tip as much or as little as you like, you'll still get to download it when I'm done! I will say that if you tip generously and let me know who your favourite characters are in the Message of Support box, you can absolutely bribe me into including specific characters. ;)

Bonus illustration & wallpaper!

9% of goal

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