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At the moment everything on is self financed including the IT infrastructure. Here you will support me to move the hosting on modern server that will offer all of us a better, faster and more reliable experience. Let's make this dream come true together! Thank you ❤


I am i o a n a and I smile a lot. And when I don't simile I have this username to remind where I should be. Traveling and getting to know this magical world we live in are my passions . Drawn by curiosity I always end up amazing locations surrounded by beautiful people or ending up trying something new and exquisite. I share all my adventures and I love to inspire anyone who is there ready to get outside their comfort zone. Let's do this! Lets's all live the lives we dream and deserve! ❤

This is a corner fill with travels, beauties of nature and world adventures. Welcome to my travelverse! 🌍❤

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