🥨 Welcome to my Ko-fi page ! 🥨 It was the best way for me to showcase my work, open my own shop and offer you the possibility to support me. You want to support me but don’t know where to start or how to do it? There’s different ways to support me : 📱 Social media - First one and simple : you can follow me on social media, like, comment and share my work there. It can look simply but it means a lot to me and really helps to keep me motivated 🔥 🛒 My shops - for all my handmade products like stickers, digital items, crochet dolls, dice bages, bookmarks, etc. (Etsy : Sumup : - opening March 2024 !) 🥨 Buy me a kofi / bretzel - You don’t find your happiness in the shop but still want to help me. Offer me a pretzel is one amazing way to fuel me ! It’s like a jar tip but with pretzel and all contribution is greatly appreciated 🧶🖌🧵 Commission - From time to time, I’ll open some commissions slots to bring to life your favorite character in crochet or in chibi drawing style, to sew customized dice bag... 📈 Ko-fi goal - If a big project is in its way and I need support, I’ll create a goal to aim to fund it. Everybody can participate as up as they want. Of course don’t feel obliged to do things, I’m already grateful you came here 💜

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