Steffen Ki Sonic Alchemy

Would you like to create MAGIC with Sound? Would you like to re-enchant the world with the power of frequency and vibration? Would you like to be able to freely express your creativity and produce your own magical music? Do you feel unfilled and uninspired with your current job and look for more excitement and a deeper purpose in your life? I know exactly how you feel!I always wanted to make music since I was a kid but everyone around me told me that I can not make money with music and I should stop dreaming and get a real job, so I started to believe that. And I stopped dreaming and became a social worker until at some point I ended up being completely burned out, depressed and almost suicidal. That was the turning point in my life. At this point I had nothing to lose and decided to only do what makes me happy and feels good and I finally started to dream again and this was when the Magic happened and keeps happening until this day. Not only am I able to make a living out of my passion but I am manifesting more abundance, joy and love every day since I started living my dream and became a full time music producer. I believe that at the core we all are creative beings and living in alignment with our desires and passions is not only possible but necessary at this point in our evolution. I want you to be able to pursue your dreams and share your unique magic with the world. That's why I created my Sonic Alchemy Youtube Channel.

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