Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you so much! :) If you help donate to me, here is what your donations will go towards: * Japanese Sonic Manga: The various different Sonic manga that were featured in certain publications of Shogakukan, Coro Coro Special, and Dengeki Nintendo DS are all very difficult to find. I spend a lot of time everyday trying to find these rare and obscure books and whenever I do it is always very exciting and rewarding. Buying a lot of these books can be very expensive because of their rarity and especially because of the shipping. If you help donate, the funds would help go towards buying the books and paying for the shipping fees. My main goal is to try and acquire every missing chapter from each of these publications and provide high quality scans of them so that they will be preserved as well as enjoyed by everyone. * Japanese Magazines: There is a lot of rare, obscure, and highly valuable information featured in a lot of the old Japanese magazines that featured Sonic in them. Some examples of this are rare, obscure, and sometimes never before seen official artwork, prototype screenshots from earlier builds of a game, and interesting and never before seen interviews providing more information on the production of an upcoming game as well as a little more insight on Sega and the members of Sonic Team. * Japanese Game Guides: A lot of the Japanese game guides for Sonic featured a lot of really unique artwork, 3D models, more detailed information about a particular games' storyline, more detailed information about locations, characters, or mechs, level maps, and even sometimes featured short little comic strips. * Official Artwork and Merchandise: There is a lot of really nice rare and obscure artwork for Sonic that was never officially released in high quality and were only featured on various merchandise such as posters, coloring books, puzzles, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners, paper tags on plushes, and much more.

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