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A cat lover, entrepreneur and lover of life!
I enjoy kpop, anime, jdramas, and helping others. I decided to help cats so I'm blogging full time in order own a cat sanctuary. In the mean time, I want to help stray cats as well. I'm thinking about making a cat trap and release community in chicago...
anyways, I talk a lot over on my blog.
Check it out for more!

Support me by checking out my blog! Donations aren't necesary, this is just for anyone who really wants to support me financially, (duh)... I will be using my money for building an amazing kitten world in chicago probably, cuz chicago is kinda shit n boring so far. Also in mexico cuz i love mexico and it needs more cat lovers!!
You can leave a quick message on the homepage's sidebar chatbox! XO

Move out, Adopt 5 cats, Make cat sanctuary and a TNR community in chicago suburbs

0% of goal

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