Move out, Adopt 5 cats, Make cat sanctuary

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Move out to a decent place where I can have 5 to 10 saved cats. Continue blogging to fund my cat sanctuary and adoption home!


A cat lover, entrepreneur and lover of life! I enjoy kpop, anime, jdramas, and helping others. I decided to help cats so I'm blogging full time in order own a cat sanctuary. In the mean time, I want to help stray cats as well. I'm thinking about making a cat trap and release community in chicago. If you would like to support me, I'd be so grateful! All I do is blog as income and don't have a second job so donations would be great to help me continue. I also offer services on my site. If I ever help you with information in some way, please consider donating for that effort I put in, please. I'm just one gal! Check out my site and links for more <3

Support me by checking out my blog! Donations aren't necesary, this is just for anyone who really wants to support me financially, (duh)... I will be using my money for building an amazing kitten world in chicago probably, cuz chicago is kinda boring so far. You can leave a quick message on my homepage's chatbox in the LOVES tab!

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