Fix some car parts! D:/

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My car has had a bumpy 2019, and now it's time I give it some much needed TLC. If I can make back how much it'll cost to fix it, that'll be a load off my mind. <3


Hi there! I'm Spikings, an artist that works on APOC & Frolicking Freelancery, two free-to-read web-comics! Aside from that, I make random prints, take various commissions and sometimes drink tea. To keep up with my latest work, please follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Message me if you have any questions or queries!

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Hi guys! I thought I'd set up a kofi page for anyone who wants to support my freelancing gig, without having to buy into any monthly subscriptions. I'm hoping to pay off some bits and pieces through this, which will allow me a less stressful experience when looking at my bank account, ha! I'll be posting some art on here regularly for all to see, so keep an eye out!

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