Spilled Ale Studios

Thank you for visiting my ko-fi page. I'm an indie game designer self-publishing and blogging content for tabletop RPGs, particularly Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Outside of my business as Spilled Ale Studios I also have several major personal projects that I make freely available to others, like my fan rules hacks that enable play in the worlds of Fallout and Horizon Zero Dragons based on the core mechanics of the Fifth Edition game! Buying and reviewing my products (http://spilledale.blogspot.com/p/products.html) is one of the best ways to support me, but those products are only a portion of what I do. I don't profit from the content I create for my blog, the Fifth Edition Fallout rules hack, or the Horizon Zero Dragons rules hack: the work put into each is simply a labour of love. Truth be told I don't really turn much of a profit from my products right now either, as almost all of my earnings goes right back into art assets for subsequent products. Buying me a coffee is a great way to show your appreciation for my free content, and if you choose to do so you'll have my eternal gratitude! Thank you, Ross of Spilled Ale Studios

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