Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! Sorry if it's barren for now, but thanks again for visiting! If you don't know, I am the author behind Artificial Fantasy, a Wattpad novel about two brothers chronicling their adventures in a fantasy MMORPG and their family and school issues in real life. Read here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/126706932-artificial-fantasy I'm also the author of Twin Minds: Demonic Rebirth, a dark fantasy isekai web novel exclusively available on Royal Road: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/65363/twin-minds-demonic-rebirth However, I am not limited to just writing a novel on Wattpad and Royal Road. I also draw fanart and original characters whenever I like as a hobby! I am planning a Ko-Fi membership so you guys have a chance to read 2-3 advanced chapters on both novels before they are released to the public, but for now, I am releasing some artwork exclusive to Twitter and right here on my Ko-fi page, so please follow both of them as well with my Tumblr and Twitter! Until then, thanks for visiting, and if you bought me some coffee, super thanks! :3

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