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Hi, we're Stardust! We're a small indie game studio from Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, we're creating an interactive tarot card game called AVA, which tells the fairy tale of a cursed princess. This puzzle game is based on a saga, the kind of story you'd hear at a campfire, a fairy tale or a legend that lives in the hearts and minds of those who tell it. Add to that a compendium of carefully crafted puzzles that boggle the mind and a soundtrack which relaxes and chills as you play. This is AVA, artistic, mysterious: the player follows the character through her highs and lows of simply being born into a landed family, her destiny decided by the player from the turn of cards in-game.

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who is supporting us in making games! And we want to give back as much as we can. We want to create unique, beautiful and wholesome games, which hopefully make the world a teeny tiny bit more of a better place. Why we are on Ko-fi We came together to create AVA, a game that is not only beautiful to look at and relaxing to play, but also a game which talks about discrimination. We created the first chapter of our fairy tale, and we would love to create more levels, more tarot cards, more chapters to this magical story. What you'll get as a supporter As a supporter, you get access to exclusive devlogs, WIP art, insight into our development process, Q&As, hi-res art, and you will see everything earlier than the public. Thank you so much for supporting us, may the cards always favor you!

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