Starling Sessions

We believe money should not be a barrier to making music, and bringing money into the music-making spoils the fun. We want to keep Starling Sessions completely free at the point of access. If you love what we do, you can support our work! Set up a regular donation to help keep us going, or give a one-off donation towards the project. You can choose to donate any amount, so give what works for your budget! A monthly donation of anything from £5 to £50 (or more!) would help us keep activities running, and the more we raise the more we can offer to Oxford's communities. Regular donations help us more, as a predictable income helps us to plan ahead, knowing what we can afford. It costs £15,000 to keep the Starling Sessions running for 1 year including hiring venues, providing refreshments, making sure our facilitators receive a fair wage, and having an access budget available for those who need it. With up to £30,000 per year we could also invest in training and building our community to get more people making music together. Every penny donated will go straight back into delivering more sessions and allowing more people to make more music.

Make money doing what you love. No fees on donations!
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