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I'd like to attend Edge-Lit in Derby, UK in July, but at the moment it seems like I'll be lacking founds. I'd like to meet up with old and new friends from the Fantasy community besides BristolCon. Also, I've never been in the UK when the weather wasn't cold. Would be a nice change...


Hi! I'm Timy from Budapest, Hungary. Some know me as Queen Terrible Timy. Whatever you hear is not true. Probably. I have this awesome blog called RockStarlit BookAsylum where I review mainly fantasy books, host authors with guest posts, interviews and different crazy features to make things a bit more interesting. I also do freelancing, offering beta and proofreading services and some developmental editing. Panda Lover. Obsessive Music Listener. Miss Asylum Proprietress Lady. Sarcastic Smartass. Tiny Evil Creature.

Hello! *waves* Thanks for checking out my Ko‑fi page! Let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Timy - Queen Terrible Timy for some - and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have this awesome blog called RockStarlit BookAsylum, where I post bookreviews as well as interviews, guest posts and all kinds of crazy features in which I can involve both authors and bloggers, linking the fantasy/book community together. I also have a freelancing business where I offer beta and proofreading with some developmental editing, so if you are in need of that, please feel to check out my Editorial Services page and get in contact with me! Over the years I developed an obsession for music, mainly rock music, so I try to insert that into my blog life. Somehow. The main reason I started this page is that I'd like to get a bit of financial help to cover some of my blog related expenses (maintain, graphic designs, etc) and some of my travel expenses so I could attend cons in the UK and meet up with all the friends I made since I've been blogging. Every bit helps, so if you like the work I do, please consider supporting me. I'll try to do my best to earn your trust and thank you! I'll leave all of the links where you can follow me if you chose and if you want to keep up with my daily crazyness or my blog posts :) I usually post 4 times a week, so there is always something to look at! RockStarlit BookAsylum: https://starlitbook.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/starlitbook Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/starlitbook Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/454385728378830 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starlitbook

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