Star Roadmap

Like there are planets, satellites, stars, comets, etc, in the universe, yniverse has instead models, formulas, ideas, zones, visions, actions, perspectives, and more in it, and with infinity beyond each. The best way to get there and understand it and to make the best out of it, is the Star Roadmap along which all neatly aligned. So, if, after thoroughly reviewing it, you like the Star Roadmap scope and if you think you can lead the way to a vibrant and continuous interaction between your agenda and the Star Agenda you'll probably enjoy as many wise coffee as possible, thanks to Star Roadmap page on Ko-fi! Each cuppa coffee will take you and 2 of your friends to Wise Coffee Star Jury. Some nice rules may apply, like sharing your positive vocabulary, sharing your favorite environmental NGOs, etc. The more 'wise coffee with more friends', the merrier! Your notes/contents you prepare under each item of the Star Agenda are all yours to keep and they will simple serve as dots to connect later on the Star Roadmap; they will be matched to their respective zones, too, while some of them will attract to each other and form the Super Magic Formula for +MODE and some will form the Renaissance 4.0. +MODE converts to a home sweet home, too! Thank you for your attention and cooperation, Stay well, Regards, Oz

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