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Harp Seedlings by Stefanie Bieber

SUBSCRIBERS: PLEASE READ THIS TEXT (trouble shooting advice) On this page you will find video tutorials to inspire you, sheet music to explore my personal style of harp playing, and enhance the elements that you like into your own harp playing. Become a member to unlock all the 'Seedlings for single or double strung harp', the 'Tool Shed for Harp Players' and the 'Sound Baths'. You will get continuously new improv and practice ideas for your double strung and single course harp playing, later also exclusive sheet music and live online classes. Follow me here on Ko-Fi to get notifications whenever there is new content available. Go to the shop to download the orientation pages to get an overview to the already available content. Share the link to this page with other harp players. INSTRUCTIONS: Book membership -->Menu (above under the cover picture) "Membership" --> Select membership level (tier) --> Join --> Select payment method (Paypal or credit card) --> Pay --> Open confirmation e-mail in your e-mail inbox and click on the confirmation link ---> Watch videos of the selected membership level and play along --> Look out for the e-mail notifications for the latest video every week and enjoy! 😀 ERROR RESOLUTION If you are asked to book again even though the subscription payment is already running --> reload (circular arrow at the top of the browser address window) --> log in again --> then everything should work again --> if not, contact Stefanie! Translated with (free version) Wenn Du deutsch sprichst, könnte meine deutsche Ko-Fi-Seite auch für adich interessant sein:

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