I like to go to places with my plushies, and they really like that as well. Also, creativity is an important thing to me, so I often want to write things. If you decide to donate to me, and you would like to see me create something about a certain subject or scenario, you can add that in your comment and I will try writing about it! I could do commissions, you might say, but I feel not confident enough for that. So for now, if you donate you can ask me to write about something and I will try! See it as a kind of thank-you thing. (And the higher the donation is, the harder I'll try. Or when I really like the idea, I will try it quite hard as well, of course! Though, it might also be that I do not do anything with it at all, or that I fail to write about it.) You can also donate to support my plush travelings. My plushies and me will love that as well. (You know, you can leave me a comment/message with a donation. So you can also say there that a donation should be spent on a day trip with some of my plushies. And it is the same field where you can suggest something for me to write of.)

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