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Icarus Crow Prati

TAROT DECK LIST: (free on stream) - Wild Unknown Tarot - a blunt deck that will tell you what you need to hear. I recommend this deck for those new to readings. - Disney Villains Tarot - a goofy little guy right alongside my SPN deck, that loves to give powerful energy like all the Disney villains! - Tattoo Tarot - the basic deck, provides great readings for those new to tarot who would like a bit more gentle of an answer. - Sherlock Holmes Tarot - my very first tarot deck I ever bought, and never fails to give great insight! Perfect for past life readings. - Mollymauk Tealeaf Tarot - fun and playful, this simple little deck has very few cards, and will give you all the chaos in your reading. - Crow Tarot - also great for beginners, will give beautiful symbolism, hits home hard. - Supernatural Tarot - a great deck for fans of pop culture, carries the same dark, gritty energy as the show itself. - Journey Tarot - a very gentle deck for those searching for healing (and a good bedside manner!) - Rider-Waite Tarot - the good old classic, great for those getting a reading for the first time, or trying to learn yourself! - Quantum Tarot - math and space oriented, deck intro coming soon! ORACLE DECK LIST: - Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck - different from the other Archetypes deck, this focuses less on Jungian psychology and more on the mystical from deep within our souls. Great for finding who you are and where you're going. - Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle - excellent to use when searching for your identity. Can't find "spirit animals" (as that is cultural appropriation) but can tell you which creature your personality is most aligned with! - Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck - great for finding your personal place in the world, along with how you function in your life's work and location. - Archetype Cards - a massive deck based on the Jungian Archetypes, good for personality deep dives. - Crystal Healing Oracle Cards - simple vibes for those who want a quick and easy answer! - Daemon Tarot - a dark deck for those who seek true knowledge with no pretense. Not recommended for beginners. - Angels Among Us - a great deck for looking for modern but still divine knowledge! GENERAL DISCLAIMER: Tarot readings are to be interpreted by the reader, and are not always 100% accurate or specific. Tarot tells us what our subconscious already knows, but has not yet realized. This can make them uncomfortable to listen to on occasion. I will never ask specifics of a situation, and you are allowed to not answer questions. Take the reading or leave it, it is entirely up to you.

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