- FREE art! / CC0 Artist🎨

What's up fellow art lovers? I created this page as a fun way for me to share my full size art with others to use as they wish under Creative Common licensing (CC BY). Print, display, use in your own art, etc. I just love to create and connect with others and thought this would be a fun platform to do what I love. My digital art downloads that I release here on Ko-fi are available for free for all to use (no paid membership/tips needed) under Creative Commons licensing (specifically CC BY) meaning you can download the art and do what you want with it, all you have to do is credit me ( - fun! You can print the art and hang it in your home, display it digitally, use it to remix with your own art, create prints/merch and sell them, etc. Sky is the limit!! Please keep all your creations family friendly and share what you created with me, I'd love to see and possibly even share it on social media! Hope you enjoy my offerings!! :)

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